Sunday, June 21, 2015

DIY Seashell Letter

I was inspired by Pinterest to do this beach themed DIY. This fall I am going to a university by the beach so I was thrilled to start this project

I first bought a "K" from Michael's around $3 (with coupon). But if you don't want to spend money, you can always cut your letter out of cardboard or a shoebox. The letter was a brown cardboard color to begin with so I decided to paint the letter white to make my "K" look fuller.
I painted all around my letter and only did one coat because I would have seashells covering the majority of it. **Make sure you paint the insides of your letter**
**Note: Paper towels are not a good idea to paint behind

Next I laid out all the seashells I have collected over the years and let me tell you, I had so many to choose from. I mean buckets of seashells. I'm glad they finally came to good use! Then I started planning what seashells I wanted where. I also added (fake) pearls from an old necklace, little diamond embellishments I had laying around the house, and an old K from a necklace I never wore/will ever wear again (I thought it added a little personality to my already personalized letter). When I liked how everything looked, I hot glued everything down. **Try to pick seashells that are sort of flat so it is easier to hot glue**

I started on one side and hot glued everything, then moved to the other so I wouldn't have a million little seashells moving every time I tried to pick one up and glue it back down. This also gave me an excuse to take a break and have family time.

This little decoration adds a personal touch to a room and is super cute because it gives you a chance to use those seashells sitting in a bucket at home and who doesn't love the beach? I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you enjoyed making this cute and simple DIY! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

xoxo, Kaitlyn Marie

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